Vampire Goth

Vampire Goth, also known as Vampiric Goth, is a subgenre of the Romantic Goth subculture that incorporates elements of vampire mythology and aesthetics into its fashion and lifestyle. This subculture is inspired by vampire literature, movies, and legends, and the resulting fashion style is characterized by a combination of Gothic and Victorian elements with a touch of vampiric mystique.


For decades, the allure of vampires has captivated the hearts and minds of the Goth subculture. Although some may dismiss it as a cliché element, it is undeniable that vampires have had a significant influence on the Goth subculture since its inception in the 1980s. Among the most prominent authors of vampire literature is Anne Rice, and her character Lestat has become an iconic figure for many Vampire Goths.

Concept & Lifestyle

Vampire Goths share a love for the dark and brooding aesthetics and atmosphere of the Goth subculture, but with an added fascination for fangs and vampire-like qualities. They take pride in their vampy appearance, but they align more with the Anne Rice vampire archetype rather than the Stephanie Meyer version. While some may view this as a stereotypical aspect of the subculture, Vampire Goths see it as a way to embrace their darker side and pay homage to the timeless allure of vampire lore.

Some individuals may view the vampire aesthetic as simply a fashion statement, while others may embrace it as a full-fledged lifestyle, claiming to truly embody the vampire persona. A small subset of the Goth subculture, known as the Vampire subculture, identifies with this lifestyle and belief system. Within this group, there are individuals known as “psionic” vampires who feed off the life energy of others and “sanguine” vampires who consume blood. However, it is important to note that the Vampire subculture represents only a fraction of the Goth community, and being interested in vampires or identifying as one is not a requirement for being a Goth. Each person’s individual style and interests are valid expressions of their personal identity within the subculture.

Vampire Goth culture also incorporates elements of vampire mythology into its lifestyle. Many Vampire Goths may adopt a nocturnal lifestyle, staying up late into the night and avoiding the sun. They may also incorporate blood or other vampiric elements into their diet or rituals. Some Vampire Goths may also participate in role-playing or LARPing (live-action role-playing) activities, assuming the role of vampires in a fantasy world.


As Vampire Goths derivate directly from Romantic Goths, they share important similarities with them such as their love for dark and opulent fabrics such as lace and satin. Indeed, both genres prefer clothing with a more refined, aristocratic feel. Vampire Goths also share a similar makeup style with Romantic Goths, featuring soft eye looks and bold lips on a pale complexion. However, Vampire Goths may incorporate more intricate eye patterns than Romantic Goths.

Vampire Goth style is often romantic and dramatic, with a focus on darker, more luxurious fabrics such as velvet, lace, and satin. Black is the predominant color, but deep burgundy and rich reds may also be used. The clothing is often form-fitting, with corsets, bustiers, and long, flowing skirts being popular choices. Other elements may include capes, chokers, and gloves. Many Vampire Goths also incorporate fangs and other vampiric accessories into their style.

Footwear is also an important element of Vampire Goth fashion. High heels and boots are popular choices, with lace-up Victorian-style boots being particularly common. Accessories may include top hats, pocket watches, and jewelry with vampire motifs such as bats, fangs, and crosses.


Vampire Goth fashion is not limited to clothing alone. Makeup is an important aspect of this style, with pale, flawless skin being a hallmark. Dark, smoky eye makeup and blood-red lipstick are often used to complete the look. Hair is typically dark and flowing, with long curls or intricate braids being common choices. For male Vampire Goths, the hairstyle may be shorter and more styled, with a slicked-back look or a messy, bedhead style.

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